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Summer internship at Galois

I'm happy to report that I'll be interning at Galois over the summer. I'm not quite sure how the name of the company passed into my consciousness, but at some point in January I decided it would be really cool to work at an all-Haskell shop, and began pestering Don Stewart (and Galois's HR) for the next two months.

I'll be working on some project within Cryptol; there were a few specific project ideas tossed around though it's not clear if they'll have already finished one of my projects by the time the summer rolls around. I'm also really looking forward to working in an environment with a much higher emphasis towards research, since I need to figure out if I'm going to start gunning for a PhD program at the end of my undergraduate program.

Hello, Portland! I can't wait. :-)

5 Responses to “Summer internship at Galois”

  1. Greg says:


  2. Edward Kmett says:


    It sounds like Galois is a very good fit for you.

    Any thoughts as to where you’d like to do your PhD?

  3. Hey Edward, I don’t really know. I suspect that when I start thinking about this seriously, though, I’ll start looking through the papers in and out of my queue that I really enjoyed reading and paying attention to the corresponding host universities.

  4. paurullan says:

    Congratulations dude! Even here in Majorca I have read about Galois and their implication with the Haskell community. I hope you enjoy this!

  5. Jeremy Voorhis says:

    Congrats, and check out PDX Func when you get here :)


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