Inside 245-5D

Existential Pontification and Generalized Abstract Digressions


Edward Z. Yang is a PhD student at Stanford. He likes music (oboe in particular), British change ringing and hacking on technology. The name of this blog has evolved over time, progressing from "Inside 245s" to "Inside T5" to "Inside P4" to "Inside 1712B" to "Inside 2214" to "Inside 233" to "Inside 374" to "Inside 206-105" to "Inside 214-1E" to "Inside 245-5D"...

I occasionally do longer-form pieces that span multiple posts. When I’ve done so, I’ve created a category just to house those posts. Here are some of these series:

  • c2hs, a tutorial-like introduction to this FFI library for Haskell.
  • Denotational semantics, where I go from drawing Hasse diagrams of Haskell types to a crash course introduction to denotational semantics.
  • Type Katas, a collection of articles of useful patterns found when designing the types of values and functions.
  • Hoopl, an example-driven introduction to the practical use of Hoopl, an optimization library used by GHC. (In progress.)
  • Haskell Heap, an illustrated introduction to the operational semantics of a lazy language. (In progress.)

You can find my resume and projects that I work on at