Ubuntu Oneiric upgrade (Thinkpad/Xmonad)

by Edward Z. Yang

I upgraded from Ubuntu Natty Narwhal to Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) today. Lots of things broke. In order:

  • “Could not calculate the upgrade.” No indication of what the error might be; in my case, the error ended up being old orphan OpenAFS kernel modules (for whom no kernel modules existed). I also took the opportunity to clean up my PPAs.
  • “Reading changelogs.” apt-listchanges isn’t particularly useful, and I don’t know why I installed it. But it’s really painful when it’s taking more time to read changelogs than to install your software. Geoffrey suggested gdb -p `pgrep apt-listchanges` and then forcing it to call exit(0), which worked like a charm. Had to do this several times; thought it was infinitely looping.
  • Icons didn’t work, menus ugly. Go to “System Settings > Appearance” and go set a new theme; in all likelihood your old theme went away. This AskUbuntu question gave a clue.
  • Network Manager stopped working. For some inscrutable reason the default NetworkManager config file /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf has managed=false for ifupdown. Flip back to true.
  • New window manager, new defaults to dunk you in Unity at least once. Just make sure you pick the right window manager from the little gear icon.
  • gnome-power-manager went away. If you fix icons a not-so-useful icon will show up anyway when you load gnome-settings-daemon.
  • “Waiting for network configuration.” There were lots of suggestions here. My /var/run and /var/lock were borked so I did these instructions, I also hear that you should punt wlan0 from /etc/network/interfaces and remove it from /etc/udev/rules.d70-persistent-net.rules. I also commented out the sleeps in /init/failsafe.conf for good measure.
  • Default GHC is 7.0.3! Blow away your .cabal (but hold onto .cabal/config) and go reinstall Haskell Platform. Don’t forget to make sure you install profiling libraries, and grab xmonad and xmonad-contrib. Note that previous haskell-platform installs will be rather broken, on account of missing GHC 6 binaries (you can reinstall them, but it looks like they get replaced.)
  • ACPI stopped knowing about X, so if you have scripts for handling rotation, source /usr/share/acpi-support/power-funcs and run getXuser and getXconsole
  • DBUS didn’t start. This is due to leftover pid and socket files, see this bug
  • Was mysteriously fscking my root drive on every boot. Check your pass param in /etc/fstab; should be 0.
  • Redshift mysteriously was being reset by xrandr calls; worked around by calling it oneshot immediately after running xrandr.
  • Not sure if this was related to the upgrade, but fixed an annoyance where suspend-checking (in case you are coming out of hibernate) was taking a really long time in boot. Set resume to right swap in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume and update-initramfs -u with great prejudice).

Unresolved annoyances: X11 autolaunching in DBUS, the power icon doesn’t always properly show AC information and is too small in stalonetray, xmobar doesn’t support percentage battery and AC coloring simultaneously (I have a patch), a totem built from scratch segfaults.