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Greetings from Switzerland

“Roughing it,” so to speak.

With no reservations and no place to go, the hope was to crash somewhere in the Jungfrau region above the “fogline”


but these plans were thwarted by my discovery that Wengen had no hostels. Ah well.


Still pretty.

Of which I do not have a photo, one of the astonishing sights from Lauterbrunnen at night (I checked in and asked the owner, “Any open beds?” They replied, “One!” Only one possible response: “Excellent!”) is that the towns and trains interspersed on the mountains almost look like stars (the mountain hidden from view, due to their sparseness), clustered together in chromatic galaxies.

Non sequitur. A question for the readers: “What is a solution you have that is in search of a problem?”