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Suggestion box

Taking a page from Raymond Chen’s blog, please post suggestions for future blog posts by me. What would you like to see me explain? What do you think would be amusing if I attempted to write a post about it? Topics I am inclined to cover:

  • Almost anything about Haskell, GHC and closely related maths.
  • General programming topics.
  • Educating, teaching, lecturing.
  • Computer science topics of general interest.
  • Stories about my internship experiences (at this point, I've interned at OmniTI, ITA Software, Ksplice and Galois.)
  • SIPB.
  • Music.

Since Raymond is famous and I’m not, I will be much less choosy about which suggestions I will post about.

7 Responses to “Suggestion box”

  1. Johan Tibell says:

    GHC internals posts are always welcome! ;)

  2. Chris Eidhof says:

    I’m always confused about ByteString, when to use which module, lazy or strict, and how it compares to Data.Text and the utf libraries. In other words: how do the different text handling packages compare, and when should we use which package?

  3. Oleksandr Manzyuk says:

    I would love to hear your internship stories, especially about your experience at ITA Software and Galois. I also enjoy reading posts on computer science topics of general interest and related maths.

  4. David Powell says:

    I’d love to see a high level overview of the various type extensions for ghc. I’ve no idea when I should or could be considering GADTs, or type families, or functional dependencies, or …

    There seems to be decent detailed information about each of these, which can be overwhelming when you’re not sure where to start. I’d like to know how these extensions relate to each other; do they solve the same problems, or are they mutually exclusive?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think I’d generally be interested in seeing more of everything except the first and last.

  6. Psst Anonymous: you’re supposed to give a concrete suggestion!

  7. Etienne Millon says:

    I’d be quite interested by “intermediate” constructions from category theory. I’ve seen that comonads appear from time to time (pointed lists…) but what do they have in a common from a programmer’s point of view ?

    And also, how is Galois ?

    Thanks !

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