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A year of blogging

Here is to celebrate a year of blogging. Thank you all for reading. It was only a year ago that I first opened up shop under the wings of Iron Blogger. Iron Blogger has mostly disintegrated at this point, but I’m proud to say that this blog has not, publishing thrice a week, every week […]

  • December 31, 2010

Embracing Windows

Some things come round full circle. As a high schooler, I was a real Windows enthusiast. A budding programmer, I accumulated a complete development environment out of necessity, a mix of Cygwin, handwritten batch scripts, PuTTY, LogMeIn, a homegrown set of PHP build scripts and Notepad++. I was so devoted to the cause I even […]

  • September 6, 2010

Suggestion box

Taking a page from Raymond Chen’s blog, please post suggestions for future blog posts by me. What would you like to see me explain? What do you think would be amusing if I attempted to write a post about it? Topics I am inclined to cover: Almost anything about Haskell, GHC and closely related maths. […]

  • July 30, 2010

Spring 2010: A Random Walk

Here at the eve of Spring 2010 term, I decided to run this little experiment on my laptop: what files had I modified within the last six months? find . \( -path '*/.*' \) -prune -o -mtime -180 -print The result was north of one-hundred-fifty thousand modified files. Here's the (slightly) abridged version: LaTeX files […]

  • May 14, 2010

Thoughts on discussion

In today's world of social news aggregation websites, ala Reddit, Digg, Slashdot, it is rare for the sole dialog between an author and a reader to take place on a private channel or on one's website. I discovered this rather bluntly when I found that a document I had written had amassed a number of […]

  • April 19, 2010

2010: A Roadmap

I did one of these for 2008, and it was highly amusing to see some of the goals I had put down that, in fact, I do not care at all about in the middle of my sophomore year in college. (For a more technically oriented one, see "Get PHP to compile with VS2008"... ick.) […]

  • December 31, 2009

Iron Blogger

This social experiment has already hit number four Google spot for "Iron Blogger," and there's no reason it shouldn't rise any higher. Iron Blogger is an experiment in beer (well, not quite for me), blogging, and peer pressure. Since we're on the topic of blogging, and why people (including myself) can't seem to do it, […]

  • December 28, 2009