Adventures in Three Monads

by Edward Z. Yang

I've been busy at work over this winter break working on an article for The Monad Reader, entitled "Adventures in Three Monads." The material will overlap the second part of my IAP talk Haskell Typeclasses that I will be delivering under the auspices of SIPB IAP.

The article itself is a literate Haskell file, and contains sample code I've cribbed from the various Haskell applications I've written over my year long flirtations with the language: included is code and explanation for the probabilistic Turing machine I built in order to brute-force a 6.004 assignment. (To the course staff: the code is incomplete enough that it's not equivalent to publishing all of the solutions; intrepid readers will still have to write a search function themselves.)

I'll be keeping a pre-print of the article available in my public directory. Questions, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!