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Classes begin

And so classes begin this Spring Term of 2010. The classes that I am currently signed up to take are:

  • 6.005: Software Construction
  • 6.02: Intro to EECS II
  • 6.045: Automata, Computing and Complexity
  • 6.945: Large-scale Symbolic Systems
  • 21M.283: Musicals of Stage and Screen

6.945 is the "fun" class of the semester; I expect to have to sink a lot of time into and get a lot out of it in return. 6.005 and 6.02 are strictly being taken because my degree requires it (I've scheduled 6.02 as a conflict class on top of 6.945, so I'll probably have to do a little more legwork to make sure I get all the material for that class.) 6.045 is my mathematical class for the semester; no pure course 18 class for me, unfortunately! And on the advice of Robert Jacobs, 21M.283 is my HASS-ish class (I'm quite pleased that I've gotten the HASS-D requirement out of the way).

Among the classes I'm not taking this term: 6.006 (goodness knows I do need the algorithms knowledge), 7.01X (punt punt punt) and 6.824 (sounds like lots of fun, but would result in a triple conflict, which I'm not willing to do.)