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Too many leftovers!

A bad habit in the domain of cooking that I've picked up from being a starving college student is the propensity to cook all of the ingredients I have on hand. Combine this with the fact that vegetables make a lot of food, the fact that you were planning on feeding 15-20 people (but realistically only fed 10), and that Costco has very large portions, and you have a recipe for post-Mystery Hunt leftover disaster.

Specifically, I now have a large pot filled to the brim with stir fried broccoli, chicken, carrots, celery, potatoes and beef chilling out in my refrigerator. It's tasty food (if I may say so myself), but there's only so much stirfry one person is willing to eat... and the quantities here would probably feed someone for a month. Perhaps it is time to invoke the power of living in a dorm.

2 Responses to “Too many leftovers!”

  1. Kevin Riggle says:

    Add water, salt, other seasonings to taste, heat for a while, stir occasionally — voila, leftover stew!

  2. Too late; I have invoked the dormitories and they have descended upon the pot of leftovers like a swarm of locusts upon the crops of Egypt. I am pleased.

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