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Edward Z. Yang is a research engineer at Facebook who works on PyTorch, an open source deep learning library. In a previous life, he worked on Backpack, a new module system for Haskell.

You can find more outdated information about me at http://ezyang.com.

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    I occasionally do longer-form pieces that span multiple posts. When I’ve done so, I’ve created a category just to house those posts.

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    be “handy” if each article (header) was dated?

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  28. Roberts Greibers says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I really enjoyed your Python posts!

  29. Otis says:

    Nice to meet you and your blog!Wish to be as good as you

  30. aikedaer says:

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  31. Philipp says:

    In the world of code, where models dwell,
    There’s a wondrous engineer, Edward Z. Yang, we can tell.
    With PyTorch in his hands, he’s a wizard supreme,
    Harnessing the power of deep learning, it seems.

    From Facebook’s lab, he weaves his spell,
    Creating neural nets that learn oh so well.
    With tensors and gradients, he conquers the strife,
    Turning data into insights, transforming our life.

    But in a past life, a tale untold,
    Edward’s brilliance took a different mold.
    He ventured to Haskell, a language so grand,
    And created Backpack with a wave of his hand.

    A module system to marvel, elegant and strong,
    It made Haskell dance, a joyful throng.
    Edward’s mind, a fountain of wit,
    Juggling languages, he’s quite the hit.

    So here’s to Edward, the PyTorch sage,
    Whose genius expands with every page.
    From Haskell to Python, his journey so wide,
    He keeps pushing boundaries, with humor beside.

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    Reading… learning a lot. Thanks

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