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PyTorch Developer Podcast

I'm launching a new podcast, the PyTorch Developer Podcast. The idea is to be a place for the PyTorch dev team to do bite sized (10-20 min) topics about all sorts of internal development topics in PyTorch. For now, it's just me monologuing for fifteen minutes about whatever topic I decide. The plan is to release an episode daily, five days a week, until I run out of things to say (probably not for a while, I have SO MANY THINGS TO SAY). I don't edit the podcasts and do minimal planning, so they're a bit easier to do than blog posts. Check it out! There's two episodes out already, one about how we do Python bindings for our C++ objects and another about history and constraints of the dispatcher. If there are any topics you'd like me to cover, give a shout.

5 Responses to “PyTorch Developer Podcast”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Could you suggest some good blog to learn about pytorch internal.

  2. Imaginary person says:

    Oh, cool! I should’ve subscribed to your blog, as I saw this post only today.

  3. Imaginary person says:

    Thanks! The podcasts I listened to are quite helpful!

  4. Imaginary person says:

    Are there so many CI failures related to Pytorch Distributed because there are a lot of things in flux when it comes to PyTorch Distributed? If so, do you think it might be a good idea to do a podcast on what’s the current state in PyTorch Distributed, as in, where it is on its roadmap? Thanks!

  5. Sorry about the late response. I definitely want to do more podcasts with PyTorch Distributed. Just gotta ao work on them!

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