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December, 2012

Google Nexus 7 setup notes

I acquired a Google Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi only) over winter break. I don’t really like getting new devices: they invariably require a lot of work to setup to my liking. Here are some notes: Jailbreaking the device from Linux is still fiddly. Ultimately, it’s probably easiest to just find a Windows box and use the […]

Metro Maps of the News

Metro maps are a visual metaphor for complex, interdependent story lines developed by Dafna Shahaf. Dafna’s thesis involved techniques for automatically taking a corpus of news articles and extracting a coherent narratives that covered the overall space. For our final CS448b project, we took one of the narratives Dafna had generated and created a system […]

Maildir synchronizing Sup

On the prompting of Steven Hum, I've put some finishing touches on my Sup patchset and am “releasing” it to the world (more on what I mean by “release” shortly.) The overall theme of this patchset is that it integrates as much Sup metadata it can with Maildir data. In particular: It merges Damien Leone’s […]