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May, 2011

How Aristotle got it Wrong
On the importance of conceptual frameworks

One of the persistent myths about Aristotelean physics—the physics that was proposed by the Ancient Greeks and held up until Newton and Galileo came along—is that Aristotle thought that “heavier objects fall more quickly than light objects”, the canonical example being that of a cannon ball and feather. Although some fraction of contemporary human society […]

  • May 6, 2011

Unraveling the mystery of the IO monad

When we teach beginners about Haskell, one of the things we handwave away is how the IO monad works. Yes, it’s a monad, and yes, it does IO, but it’s not something you can implement in Haskell itself, giving it a somewhat magical quality. In today’s post, I’d like to unravel the mystery of the […]

  • May 4, 2011

Haskell: Not pure enough?

It is well known that unsafePerformIO is an evil tool by which impure effects can make their way into otherwise pristine Haskell code. But is the rest of Haskell really that pure? Here are a few questions to ask: What is the value of maxBound :: Int? What is the value of \x y -> […]

  • May 2, 2011