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February, 2011

Lav’net is watching you

This picture snapped in Paris, two blocks from the apartment I holed up in. Some background.

OCaml gotchas

I spent some time fleshing out my count min sketch implementation for OCaml (to be the subject of another blog post), and along the way, I noticed a few more quirks about the OCaml language (from a Haskell viewpoint). Unlike Haskell’s Int, which is 32-bit/64-bit, the built-in OCaml int type is only 31-bit/63-bit. Bit twiddlers […]

All about MVars

I recently took the time out to rewrite the MVar documentation, which as it stands is fairly sparse (the introduction section rather tersely states "synchronising variables"; though to the credit of the original writers the inline documentation for the data type and its fundamental operations is fairly fleshed out.) I've reproduced my new introduction here. […]