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A suggestion for indent/php.vim

To: John Wellesz

First off, I'd like to thank you for authoring the php.vim indentation plugin. Recent experiences with some other indentation plugins made me realize how annoying editing can be without a good indentation plugin, and php.vim mostly has served me well over the years.

However, I do have a suggestion for the default behavior of PHP_autoformatcomment. When this option is enabled (as it is by default), it sets the 'w' format option, which performs paragraphing based off of trailing newlines. Unfortunately, this option has a number of adverse effects that may not be obvious unless you are paying attention to trailing newlines:

  • When you are typing a comment, and you get an automatic linewrap, Vim will leave behind a single trailing whitespace to indicate "this is not the end of the paragraph!"

  • If you select a few adjacent comments, like such:

    // Do this, but if you do that then
    // be sure to frob the wibble

    and then type 'gq', expecting it to be rewrapped, nothing will happen. This is because these lines lack trailing whitespace, so Vim thinks they are each a seperate sentence.

I also believe that 'comments' option should be unconditionally set by the indent plugin, as you load the 'html' plugin which clobbers any pre-existing value (specified, for example, by a .vim/indent/php.vim file).

Please let me know what you think of these changes. I also took a look at all the other indent scripts shipped with Vim by default and noted that none of them edit formatoptions.