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Thinking about talk

This one's for the MIT crowd.

I will unfortunately not be in Boston over IAP, so I won't be able to do a redux of the class I taught last year, Advanced Typeclasses in Haskell. However, since I will be in Boston for September, it might be a good time to do cluedump for SIPB this year. I love talking about Haskell, and so I could do another talk in a similar vein (maybe something that covers rank-2 types and existential quantification?) I've also been thinking that doing an architectural overview of Scripts would also be good.

What would you like to see me talk about?

2 Responses to “Thinking about talk”

  1. Edward Kmett says:

    Whatever it is you should also give a talk down at BostonHaskell when you get back! =)

  2. Claudio Fogal says:

    If we re talking about Backpack: I see that mostly as a GHC feature that needs build tool support, and it was developed in the open over a large span of time. If the way I m viewing it is right, then it s not so much Cabal adding new features: it s that Cabal supports all of the features of current GHC and Stack has fallen behind.

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